San Antonio at a glance

As the most visited city in Texas and the ninth largest city in the nation, San Antonio strikes the perfect balance between history, diversity, and fun. People from all over the world have settled here, primarily due to being stationed at one of the five military bases and then choosing to remain in the city. San Antonio is booming with economic development in the technology industry as well as prospering young businesses and newly established residential communities.

Whether you're searching for ranch land, a home in a nearby neighborhood or a loft in the city, San Antonio has many housing options for you. San Antonio is ranked #1 as the top 100 largest real estate markets. It is also the 19th largest housing market in the country.

Top reasons for the exploding success in real estate for San Antonio include:

  • Affordability - More than 50% of households can afford the median-priced home.
  • Location - San Antonio is the closest major metropolitan area to Mexico, benefiting considerably from NAFTA trade, a short drive to Austin and the hill country, and a couple hours to the beach.
  • Pro-Business - San Antonio has been flourishing with added military employment and landing major employers in the industrial field such as Toyota.

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