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May 22nd, 2014


Newest client of the Carvajal Group was an interesting but pleasant addition. Being in my position, I get the joy of understanding the full back-story of the self-managing owners that hit a breaking point and reach out for help. The initial phone call had HELP written all over it- so I agreed to push some appointments around and meet with these customers the same day to explain first hand the process of property management.

In a nutshell- the owners were faced with a non-paying tenant and worse of all; the lease in place was not standard and had vital sections missing. After explaining all the advantages of our company and what we all have to offer- they immediately agreed to sign the contract and hired us on the spot! I knew with my prior experience that my next steps would set the tone with tenants and/or owners so I needed to make sure I was ready and quick with my actions.

I reached out to the tenants to inform her of the newest management change. Now let me just say I knew that the introduction of the Carvajal Group’s management change may not be intercepted with huge wide-open arms but I assumed the conversation would stay cordial. Boy was I incorrect; the very brief chat was quickly met with a loud dial tone all in about 1.5 minutes. Since its clear I wasn’t able to communicate via telephone I put it all in writing and delivered it in person.

Ah…. the joys of a property manager! In her mind I didn’t get enough of her so she continued her rude behavior in person by crumbling the management letter and notice to vacate. The only thing that was well communicated to me is that she had no intention on moving so I proceeded to explain the eviction process. Three days passed so I phoned the- all -so -kind tenant to check in about her moving-, which Iknew she had not done. Sadly, I had to start the eviction process.

Upon receipt of the eviction paperwork, she moved. Her days of manipulating and taking full advantage of the owners were over- she had met her match! Now, on to the most heart wrenching part for the owner- the walk through. The house was a nightmare filled with holes, strong stench combination of rotten food and pet urine, writing on the walls, a broken window and trash piled on more trash.

Tosha and I reassured the owner that we could cost effectively get this shaped up and ready to put on the market in no time. The owners agreed to all of our suggestions to fully paint the unit in neutral colors, make some alterations to the landscaping, and install different flooring to last longer. Using the Carvajal Group affective marketing strategies the unit is not only leased prior to even putting it on the market, the owners will be getting an additional $225.00 in rent per month.

Investments can be easy but it takes a professional like the Carvajal Group to run proper background checks, use proper contracts, and know how to deal with the most difficult tenants. Upgrades and maintenance don’t have to cost a lot- the smallest things can make a huge difference. We know the market and are more than confident in our team to make owners happy. This is just one of the thousands horror stories I have encountered.

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