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Austin has the Lowest Property Turnover Rate in the Country

August 5th, 2008

Across the nation the housing market has witnessed an overall decline in home values.  According to researchers, for sale prices have dropped by 0.8% this month and by 1.7% over the past three months.  Most of the pain is felt in the coastal markets, particularly in Florida, where the average property turnover rate is the highest in the nation.

Research did notice that there were a few places where the market didn’t suffer as much.  The Midwest has actually seen a declining inventory over the past few months.  This is good news for the short-term markets.

Experts expect greater decline in the fall, when the business generally sees “seasonal slowdowns.”  Austin has one of the leading markets in the nation right now.  It boasts the lowest average turnover rates in the country.

Whether you are an investor looking for new opportunity, or a family looking for a place to calm home, there is definitely still of potential in the Austin, Texas area.  For more information, call the Austin real estate specialists at 512.419.7770.

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