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Austin Boasts Second Fastest Selling Zip Code in the Nation

September 23rd, 2008

Business Week magazine has found that the 78749 zip code in southwest Austin is the second fastest selling zip code in the country, bested only by a zip code in Sunnyvale, California.

Many zip codes in Texas are doing quite well these days from a seller’s perspective.  Houston and Plano have seen increased speed in sales, but nothing compared to the speed of the 78749 Austin zip code.

Real estate agents note the high quality of homes, the scenic location, and convenient proximity to downtown Austin as reasons for the quick sale of homes in this area.  Not only will sellers in this exclusive area note a quick selling time for their homes and property, but most will be able to walk away with a substantial profit as well.

If you are beginning an Austin home search, contact the Austin real estate agents of the Carvajal Group today for more information on buying or selling a home in the Austin area.

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