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Lions Municipal Golf Course set to expire in 2019

February 25th, 2011

Great news for developers wanting to expand on of Austin’s most desired neighborhoods, the UT System Board of Regents voted not to renew the university-owned Lions Municipal Golf Course when the contract expires in May of 2019.

The University currently rents this land to the City of Austin for about $400,000 a year, but if leased to developers, it could bring in over $5.5 Million.

The golf course was created on land donated to the university in 1910 “for the purpose of advancing and promoting university education, and financially it makes much more sense for the university to use this land to create the highest returns.

Of course, removing one of Austin’s most popular Golf Courses will not come without concessions to West Austin residents, who think The City of Austin hasn’t put in enough effort to save the course.

With eight years until this contract ends, there’s still time to see how this decision will affect the West Austin neighborhood and negotiate on how to best move forward.

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