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Remodeling Your Home in Austin

July 27th, 2011

The BuildFax Remodeling Index is stating that the remodeling and renovation activity is at its highest level in seven years. Despite the real estate downturn from a few years back, plenty of Austin homeowners are remodeling their Austin home and increasing the value of their home according to the Texas based organization.

Because remodeling your Austin home can add value to your home, it’s seen as an option outside of traditional means of building wealth. If remodeling your home can provide a higher rate of return, once you should decide to sell, it can be a better investment opportunity than keeping your money in low interest savings accounts.

The increase in remodeling does not seem to be dropping, with 19 straight months of upward growth based on building permits sought. Because of this, BuildFax sees the remodeling industries doing well over the mid to longer term.

There is also a strong push towards green, energy efficient homes, which can provide tax credits for companies and comply with new regulations that penalize property owners from running inefficient properties. The green movement is spawning plenty of new businesses and jobs that further the momentum of Austin’s renovations.

Despite these positive reports, it still might not be the time for Austin homeowners to collect on their investment as the report states that right now, Austin homeowners selling their homes are only recouping 72% of a kitchen renovation cost when the home is resold.

It might be a good time to sell your Austin home to a “green” remodeler, whose businesses are booming and can be better positioned to invest in your property properly.

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