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Austin Home Prices Expected to Rise

August 9th, 2011

The most recent Fiserv Case-Shiller Home Price Index has projected a 0.9 percent rise in home prices next year. With home prices still a bit lower due to the 2.3 percent drop in prices last year, the projected rise is a good sign that the housing market is benefiting from a more stable environment.

Austin’s Real Estate Market has been stronger than other cities nationally, with a stronger job market, good lifestyle and a very strong rental market. According to this released index, 5 of the ten highest performing real estate markets in the last 5 years has been in Texas,

It is a very good time to buy properties in Austin right now, as rental prices keep inching upwards. This is one of the few times where buying a home is less expensive than renting, even taking to account taxes and fees. With interest rates hitting rock bottom, mortgage payments are very manageable and more and more buyers are taking advantage of this.

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