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Advantages of Selling your Home Online

November 4th, 2008

If you have Austin property you would like to sell, you have many marketing options at your disposal. Your real estate agent can help you place an ad in a local paper, design flyers, post a sign in your yard, and spread the word among your friends that a new property is on the market. While all of these may help you sell your home, nothing will be more beneficial than listing your home on an Austin real estate website.

In a 2007 survey from the National Survey of Realtors, 84% of respondents said they used the internet while searching for a new home. An attractive listing on a realtor’s website, including photographs and lists of your home’s best features, will catch the eyes of many more potential buyers than an ad in the paper or a sign on your door. Websites are also an excellent way to advertise your home in a persuasive manner. Interactive, multimedia designs draw buyers in and demonstrate to them all of the potential joys that living in your old house or condo could bring.

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