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AT&T Announces Hot Spots Along Sixth Street

May 9th, 2011

AT&T announced Friday May 7th the launch of a new AT&T hotzone in Austin, Texas.  The hotzone will provide quick Wi-Fi along Sixth Street reaching all the way from block 100 to block 600 which is from I35 to Congress Avenue.  Now Austinites and visitors will be able to enjoy the pleasure of having instant Wi-Fi in one of Austin’s most popular spots.

AT&T customers with the AT&T High Speed Internet plan will be able to use unlimited access in the hotzones for free.  Austin is the fifth city to be given the AT&T Wi-Fi hotzone following after multiple parts of New York City, NY, San Francisco, CA, Charlotte, NC and Chicago, IL.

Given the recent growth of Austin’s urban population, it makes sense to launch a hotzone here.  The need for Wi-Fi and Internet access is very clear here in Austin and this will be very beneficial to residents and visitors.  Recently, AT&T tested the idea during a few major events including SXSW, Capitol 10k Race, Austin Reggae Festival, and the Urban Music Festival.  During these events, there have been about 120,00 connections to the temporary AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots in Austin since March.  For more information on the AT&T Wi-Fi access, click here.

Since Austin has become a major technology hub, the need for Wi-Fi access is clear.  As the city continues to grow, we become more innovative and this is a smart move by AT&T to launch this network mobility in Austin, Texas.

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