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Huge Project to Transform East Riverside

March 27th, 2008

A huge project conducted by a Houston developer would transform a portion of East Riverside.

The current plan calls for redeveloping roughly 50 acres of land into a mass of apartments, both high and low density, as well as retail space. The majority of the property would feature apartments in building ranging in height from 4 to 8 stories. There is also one high rise building planned that would feature lake views.

In addition to redeveloping 50 acres, the development group plans on constructing new streets to help with the congestion this much development would bring. In addition, if the city decides to go forward with its plan to send a light-rail line down Riverside to the airport, this development would feature a stop very close to it. 

The property’s proximity to the Lady Bird Lake is part of what makes the area attractive and the source of a larger amount of development. The targeted demographic is among young professionals who have been forced out of the downtown market.

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