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Move-in Check List

August 8th, 2011

I have been receiving many questions from clients about the move-in process. So I decided to put together a short check list.

- Set up your electricity a week before move-in. You can set it to turn on one day before your move-in day so that all the air conditioning and lights can be one while moving.

Go here to set up your account or transfer:

When transferring your account to a new property there is a $30 fee. When setting up a new account be prepared to put down a $200 deposit.

- Get renter’s insurance. I advice all my clients to purchase renter’s insurance. It protects your home against theft, weather damage and fire. Prices vary but are usually inexpensive. Most apartments require you to have some sort of insurance.

Here are a few suggestions:

Liberty Mutual

State Farm


- If you decide to use a moving company be sure you choose a company that gives you boxes! I have used Vosco Moving for my last two moves and they have been great.

If you plan on moving yourself you can buy cheap and used boxes at EcoBox.

- Pick up your keys and lease condition form from the reality office. Most property management offices require you to come to the actual office to pick up your keys and parking stickers. The only people allowed to pick up your keys are people on the lease. Sending a friend won’t work! Also, you can’t pick up your keys the day before and you must come during business hours. You can usually find the reality office’s business hours and phone numbers on their website.

- Do you need furniture? Cort’s student packages start at only $99 a month. They will deliver it to your new home!

- *Set up your cable and internet AT LEAST TWO WEEKS before your move-in date. I have made this mistake in which I lived in my new apartment for weeks without internet and cable. The summer is a busy month for cable companies and can take up to two weeks to get someone out to your home to set up your internet. It is better to schedule in advance if possible.


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