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Plan for the Future of Downtown Austin

May 4th, 2011

Last week the Austin American Statesman featured an article describing the plan development over the next 10 years in downtown Austin.   The plan calls breaks downtown into 9 districts each with their own goals for future Austin development.  Key points in the plan include creating more affordable housing options, improving parks and infrastructure, and balancing emergence of new entertainment districts with the noise created by them.

One aspect of the plan is creating permanent housing and assistance for the homeless in Austin.  It is no secret that there is a homelessness issue in and around downtown Austin.  Maintaining a permanent housing and resource center to help this population is an important consideration.

Another key component is delicate balance of preserving Austin’s world famous live music scene with making downtown a pleasant place to live (and occasionally sleep before 2 am).  Music venues and emerging bar and live music scenes on Rainey St., West 6th and even the more established Waller Creek/Red River district frequently find them selves at odds with residents in those areas over outdoor music that sometimes lasts late into the night.  The plan seeks additional city control over permitting outdoor music in the city of Austin.

Overall the plan is defined by 7 key elements(from the city’s website):

  1. Historic Preservation, focusing on the preservation and enhancement of Downtown’s unique cultural and historic resources;
  2. Activities and Uses, presenting policies and actions aimed at promoting a vibrant, diverse and pedestrian-friendly district;
  3. Density and Design, setting forth policies that guide development toward the community’s vision of a sustainable, compact and engaging environment; view a rendering of 2010-2039 Opportunity Sites; and
  4. The Public Realm, describing improvements and initiatives that will enhance the quality and upkeep ofDowntown’s parks, open spaces and streetscapes;
  5. Transportation and Parking, providing a program to improve access and mobility for all modes within Downtown; see the Transportation Framework Map and a proposed Rail Transit route map;
  6. Utilities and Infrastructure, describing policies and initiatives for phased upgrades and improvements in support of Downtown redevelopment; and
  7. Leadership and Implementation, describing the actions required to realize the recommendations of the Plan, such as changes in governance and organization, amendments to existing regulations, and a ten-year priority action plan


Downtown Austin real estate certainly has transformed over the last 10 years and this plan is an outline for continued development  for the next 10 years and beyond.  For more information on the plan and scheduled meetings for public input, visit the city’s website here.


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