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Artists of Austin add New Touches to Homes

May 12th, 2008

Jan and Ted Weiser along with Aly Winningham are artists in Austin that are adding new and creative touches to some of the homes in the area.  

These three artists have been working together to add stain glass pieces to different homes all over the area. They design different kinds of pictures are and artwork for each person they meet that wants to have it done.

They are charging anywhere between $200 and $400 to design and put in one stain glass piece anywhere you might want it in your home. Artists have began placing them in homes to really add a touch of art to your home. They say that it is always a conversation starter and tends to add value to your home when you are looking to sell. They have said that it will make the house more creative and appealing to upcoming buyers looking to settle down in the area.

For more information, contact the Austin, Texas Realtor of The Carvajal Group at 512 419 7770.

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