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Great Taste Tastes Great

January 5th, 2012

Newton claimed every action has an equal and opposite reaction and while that holds true in laws of motion, in the real world every action seems to have an unequally unpredictable reaction. Within the epicenter of that notion lives the ever-elusive concept of taste.  Personal perception of what is tasteful and likable and what is not has always fascinated me – even more so now from a business standpoint because it is the decisive factor in almost everything that is being marketed and sold.

It’s not even so much that there is a difference in opinion that exists, that much is obvious given human nature, but it is the extent to which these differences vary. Don’t understand why places sell doily couch covers? Well your grandmother loved (and purchased) them and so did hundreds of thousands of other granny’s. Aunt Judy’s leopard stretch pants seem an incomprehensibly tacky purchase? Well she thinks your Patagonia fleece is boring and square. For every Sprite there’s a Cherry Vanilla Coke and for every carnivore a vegan – it is what keeps companies in business and what makes universal trends even more impressive (I’m looking at you Apple and Facebook.) So, with such a vast variance in taste how can a home seller (with arguably the biggest predilection-based commodity) ever come out on top? The answer is fairly simple – go bland or go home.

Most homebuyers want to walk into their potential future homes and be able to let their imaginations run wild. The hiccups come when the current owner’s choices become insurmountable buyer obstacles in the form of specific tastes in stylings/furniture and general color palette discrepancies. Polarizing tastes are hard for most people to see themselves (see: Aunt Judy’s pants) but addressing these issues in a professional manner will save your clients time and money.

Color is the first thing to focus on. Neutrals provide the blank canvas that most buyers are looking for and having a fresh coat of off-white or beige can go a long way in speeding up the process and is a marketable technique (especially w/ zero VOC paint) that will 100% net it’s return in the sale. The next step would be to accentuate the positive qualities that already exist in the house. Get the windows professionally cleaned before you show the home, move the old couch out from in front of a nice bay window, OPEN all of the blinds to show the views and natural light to the buyers and clean up any unsightly yard work. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is also a nice touch that gives off a solid first impression. Lastly, remove specific style choices. This one can sometimes be a tricky conversation to have with your clients because no matter how you phrase it you are walking a fine line of saying they have bad taste. Be polite but be honest and refer to past experiences. Most people can get over the fact that you have an opinion on their style when they understand it’s for the greater good and for the benefit of the deal.

Taste is tricky but there is one color that always looks good to everyone. Green.

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