Cat Mountain

Based on the name alone, you might think that Cat Mountain is a wildlife preserve specifically reserved for our feline friends. In actuality this is not the case. Cat Mountain is a neighborhood in Northwest Austin that features some of the area's prime real estate. It is located between Mopac (Loop 1) and Capital of Texas Highway (360) along 2222.

Most of the homes in the Cat Mountain area were built in the 70s and 80s. Very few of the homes are brand new. Because they sit on the top of a mountain, Cat Mountain offers some of the most magnificent views in Austin. Some residents are able to watch the sunset from their back patio, while others are lucky enough to experience the Austin city skyline from the dining room table.

The neighborhood's location is superb as well. Cat Mountain is only minutes away from downtown, access points along the Colorado River, and the Arboretum, which features some of the best in shopping.

The Cat Mountain Homeowner's Association is quite active. The group has set up several committees in an attempt to keep the neighborhood running at its optimum performance. The committees handle matters such as the environment, social activities, welcoming, communications, reserve, and Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. This is a display of the hardworking nature of Cat Mountain residents and the sense of community that pervades the neighborhood.

Prices in the area range from the 300s to well over $1 million. If you would like more information, call an Austin real estate agent from the Carvajal Group at 512.419.7770.