Clarksville Real Estate

Located on the western edge of downtown Austin between Lamar Boulevard and MoPac Highway, Clarksville is a quiet, intimate neighborhood which stands in contrast - and yet conveniently close to - the lively heart of Austin's entertainment scene.

Clarksville was reputedly founded on land once owned by Texas governor Elisha M. Pease. According to tradition, Pease set aside a portion of his plantation for his freed slaves, in the hopes of keeping them in his employ. Years later, Charles Clark, the future namesake of the neighborhood, divided his land among other freedmen and laid the foundation for modern Clarksville. In fact, the National Register of Historic Places recognizes Clarksville as one of the first freedmen's towns in the country.

Even today, Clarksville real estate retains much of its historical atmosphere and charm. Its diverse community is home to many immigrants, who in turn own many of the neighborhood's small businesses and stores. Some, like Nau's Drugstore, have been nearly the same for decades and provide a glimpse into Austin's past. Of course, true to the nature of Austin, Clarksville also has a variety of dining options, such as the highly regarded Jeffrey's, located on West Lynn Street, and the Sweetish Hill Bakery near Lamar.

Another draw for potential Clarksville residents is its proximity to several downtown attractions, including the so-called Central Design District centered on Lamar and 6th, which hosts many well-liked local boutiques.

The Clarksville area is currently very popular among younger residents, including those starting a new family, those entering the professional world, or those interested the comparatively cheap rent in some of the neighborhood apartments. Many artistically inclined people also take up residence in Clarksville, appreciative of at the same time of its quiet atmosphere and its ties to eclectic downtown life.

In 2007, the Clarksville area was part of the Old West Austin region named by the American Planning Association as one of the Great Neighborhoods in America.

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