Facts about Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica means "Rich Coastline"
  • Located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama
  • Population - 4 million (3 million live in Costa Rica's capital city, San Jose)
  • Costa Rica gained its independence from Spain in 1821
  • National Language is Spanish - English is the country's second language
  • The entire country is the approximate size of South Dakota
  • Various Tropical and sub-tropical climates
  • High Season runs between December and April. This time is when the schools in Costa Rica are out for summer break. The rest of the year has great weather except for the end of September to beginning of November which is the peak of the "rainy season"
  • The country has 1290 kilometers of coastline
  • 98% literacy rate-highest of any Spanish speaking country
  • Affordable and high quality medical and dental care
  • Although Costa Rica accounts for less than 1% of the worlds land mass it contains over 12% of the world's bio-diversity. Lush tropical rain forests are abundant with exotic wildlife
  • White, black, and cinnamon sand beaches line the Pacific and Caribbean coastline

Costa Rica offers something for everyone

  • Surf enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Costa Rica for some of the best surfing anywhere
  • Deep sea fishermen come from all over to catch Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, and much, much more.
  • #1 destination in the world for eco-tourism
  • Ranked as one of the world's top wedding destinations
  • Excellent place to relax and enjoy the world around you

Costa Rica

Costa Rica view of a house and coast line

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