Highland Hills Real Estate

Occupying a nearly ideal position in northwest Austin, Highland Hills is a neighborhood which boasts a beautiful environment, a prime location, and established properties - as well as virtually everything in between. With a history spanning some five decades, Highland Hills offers an incredible spread of Austin real estate sure to tempt any discerning homebuyer. Furthermore, as one of the rare neighborhoods which strikes a near-perfect balance between the urban and the rural, the quiet and the lively, the traditional and the modern, Highland Hills can also meet the needs of almost every homeowner.

Highland Hills sits on a wide swath of Texas Hill Country bounded by MoPac Expressway to the east, Far West Boulevard to the north, and 2222 to the south and west. Excellent planning has integrated the natural features of the region into the Highland Hills neighborhood. As a result, Highland Hills real estate is some of the most beautiful in all of Austin. As if the amenities of their own neighborhood weren't enough, Highland Hills residents can also relax in the knowledge that the enormously popular Lake Austin and Lake Travis are mere minutes away.

A tour of Highland Hills presents homebuyers with an enormous array of real estate options. With homes as old as the 1950s and as recent as the last decade, Highland Hills appeals to both traditionalists and modernists alike. An ongoing trend of renovations means that even older homes are equipped with modern conveniences and amenities. From family homes to condominiums to duplexes - Highland Hills offers it all.

Despite all the comfort that the quiet country atmosphere of Highland Hills can bring, there is another kind of comfort in knowing that the neighborhood's isolated feeling is merely a convincing illusion; in reality, Highland Hills is not at all isolated from the amenities of urban Austin. The Arboretum, a two-level outdoor shopping center, is a few minutes away. Drive in a different direction, and you'll end up in the heart of downtown Austin instead, enjoying famous attractions on 6th Street. In short, Highland Hills residents need not fear a lack of entertainment; the vibrant city of Austin is sitting patiently on their doorsteps.

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