Shady Hollow

Shady Hollow is a community in south Austin, near Brodie lane. It is characterized by clean streets, large trees and a "small-town" feel. One of the charming features of the neighborhood is the fact that the residents live in a very cohesive environment. Though the community boasts the same kind of benefits that a big city might have, the residents are very involved. The neighborhood association is very active, sponsoring events for the resident year-round. There is even a neighborhood swim team that most of the younger residents compete with as well as both a Boys and Girls Scout Club chapter.

If you've been gone for a while or have found yourself to be relatively busy you can be caught up to date on what is going on by reading the local neighborhood publication: Shady Hollow Highlights. Due to the amazing amount of community involvement, residents often feel very safe in the environment, because everyone recognized each other and no one is considered a stranger.

The community does provide easy access to the greater Downtown Austin area through the many highways that run the length of the city. Working professionals may find that the commute is actually much easier than first expected.

Another very attractive feature of the neighborhood is quality of the area schools. Bowie High School is located nearby and has a reputation as being one of the best schools in the greater central Texas region.

If you would like more information on how you can live in the heart of Shady Hollow, contact the real estate specialists at the Carvajal Group by calling 512.419.7770.