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Quick Leasing Checklist

  • Define your requirements
  • Search for properties at
  • Narrow down your list
  • Schedule showings
  • Pick your favorite property
  • Submit Lease Offer (houses/duplexes/condos)
  • Submit Rental Application (apartments)
    • Bring your ID
    • Bring proof of income (last 3 paystubs)
    • Bring a check for the rental application fee
  • Sign your Lease
  • Store signed lease in a safe place
  • Complete Move-In Checklist
  • Schedule movers
  • Unpack boxes
  • Enjoy the new place!
Neighborhood Guide

Six Steps To Leasing

Step 1. Defining Your Requirements

The first step in the leasing process is to determine your list of requirements. What is your budget? Where do you want to live, near bustling downtown, in a community like Tarrytown or on the shores of the Lake Austin? What type of property appeals to you most, a house, duplex, condo or apartment? How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need? Do you have any other requirements, pets or pools, garage or gym, closet-space or clothes washer and dryer? Once you've prioritized your most important criteria (print out and complete our Leasing Wish List), you're ready to start the search for your ideal property.

If you think you've already found your dream property on Craigslist, we'll help you check it out, compare it to similar properties, and make sure what may sound too good to be true really is the deal of a lifetime. Proceed to Step #3 below. Already eying one of those spiffy downtown apartments? Great, we'll help you get the best deal and be your advocate through every step of the process. The guy at the leasing office might have HIS best interests in mind, not yours. Skip to Step #4 and call us right away to get the process started.

Step 2. Searching for Properties

If you want to begin your property search online, is a great place to start. We've worked hard to ensure that our search engine is fast, intuitive, and most importantly, up to date. Click on search, select the "Leases" box on the left-hand side and the property types you want to consider on the right-hand side, along with your ideal price, size and location. You'll see all of the properties that meet your requirements with detailed information, pictures, virtual tours and more. Then save your favorites to your shopping cart. If you're not big on searching online or you just don't have the time, we're okay with that too. Just call us at 512.419.7770 or email us at to let us know all of your requirements and we're happy to find potential properties for you.

Step 3. Finding Your Ideal Property

Once you've narrowed down your list to a handful of good matches (after throwing out that house that looks like it was last updated in 1920 and all the other properties you just didn't like the look of for one reason or another), it's time schedule showings with your agent. Pictures are one thing, but you'll want to see your prioritized properties in person, take notes and compare. Which property best suits your needs? It's up to you to answer, but we'll be with you every step of the way to help with questions and details. Remember, this is likely where you'll live for the next year or more. Don't settle, take the time to find the property that's right for you.

Step 4. Submit Your Lease Offer or Apartment Application

Once you've found your ideal property, you'll need to submit a lease offer for houses/duplexes/ condos or rental application for apartments. Don't worry, it's not a daunting process. Credit and background checks will likely be completed during this part of the process, so let your agent know up front if there are any issues that may arise. We'll work through these in advance so that when you find the right place, everything proceeds like clockwork. If you're leasing an apartment, you'll typically need the following for your application: picture identification, your social security number, your three most recent monthly paystubs, information about yourself and your rental history. You may also be required to pay a non-refundable rental application fee (typically less than $50) at this time.

Step 5. Sign Your Lease

Leases are binding contracts, so we'll want to make sure to go over the fine print. What day of the month is your rent due and is there a grace period? Who should you contact for repairs? Will your lease automatically renew without written notice? You'll need to pay any necessary deposits and often the first month's rent. When everything is signed and the deal is done, file a copy of your lease somewhere safe to refer to later. Bring checks, you'll typically need to put down your deposit and first month's rent when you sign your lease.

Step 6. Walk-Through and Move-In

Want that deposit back? Before you move in, you walk through the property and note any issues. We'll make sure you submit the appropriate form so your landlord will make any immediate repairs necessary and so that you will not be heeld responsible for any major flaws upon move out. See our Move-In Checklist to ensure that NOTHING goes overlooked. Finally, it's time to unpack your boxes and enjoy your new home