Tarrytown Real Estate

Tarrytown is one of Austin's most prestigious and beautiful neighborhoods and an area highly valued for its location, its history, and its aesthetic appeal. Bordered by 35th Street to the north, Enfield to the south, MoPac Highway to the east, and Lake Austin to the west, Tarrytown is ideally located for convenient access to downtown Austin, while providing residents with a lush, lively atmosphere all its own.

Like Austin itself, Tarrytown is a refreshing, eclectic mixture of the old and new. One on hand, Tarrytown real estate boasts many examples of elegant, historic architecture sprinkled throughout quiet, upscale neighborhoods. On the other, the area is also home to some of Austin's most well known and popular hangouts, including Magnolia Café and Hula Hut on Lake Austin Boulevard. Residents can also look forward to the wide variety of businesses lining Exposition Boulevard, which runs north-south through the center of the neighborhood.

Tarrytown's greatest attractions, however, are its parks, green spaces, and proximity to the water. People searching for real estate with an eye towards recreation and outdoor activities need look no further than Tarrytown. Reed Park, found in the heart of the neighborhood, is a popular place for residents to walk, bike, or picnic. Further west, residents can see tame deer, peacocks, and other animals roaming the 22-acre Mayfield Preserve, or play a few rounds on the Lions Municipal golf course.

Given the charms of Tarrytown, it is no surprise that its real estate is extremely valuable. Housing options range from small, cottage-type homes to large, Southern-style residences to crisp, modern apartment complexes. If you are interested in well-located and quiet neighborhoods with plenty of recreational attractions, your home search may very well begin and end in Tarrytown.

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